Collision applet changes

Errata to fix


15 October 1998
While there is no change to the code, I discovered Netscape could not read ResourceBundles (internationalizaton) only because the jar files were on our IIS server. The JVM finds out which properties files are present by trying to read them. When IIS can't find a file, it responds with "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" and then tells you in the HTML content that it couldn't find the page. It should respond with an "HTTP 404 Not Found." I solved the problem by putting the jar file itself on an Apache server.
Version 1.01 7 October 1998
Netscape can't do internationalization because it gets an error java.lang.ClassFormatError. Not my fault, but I did figure out I can try-catch that error so the applet will still run, albeit in English.
Version 1.0 released 22 September 1998.
Fixed time slider size. Added Chinese strings in Unicode. Changed center of mass ball to be smaller and hollow.
Version 1.0b not released as of 17 August 1998.
Waiting for Fowler's approval.