FREE Forth System for Windoze 95 +

Binary arithmetic demo

FORmula TRANslator for Forth—ftran111.f

Assembly language programming using Forth

Revised FORmula TRANslator for Forth—ftran201.f    VERY NEW
Don't forget to get the docs for this program. This version does not have pass-by-reference, only pass-by value.

Latest FORmula TRANslator for Forth—ftran202.f    ULTRA NEW
The docs for this program as well as the INCLUDEd (auxiliary) files are hyperlinked within the program.
Modified to permit pass-by-reference as well as pass-by value.

Double-double (2×64 bit) arithmetic in Forth—ddarith.f    SPANKING NEW
Here are the I/O routines for this program. Other needed programs are hyperlinked.

Complex Number Lexicon for Forth (as augmented and corrected by David N. Williams)

Forth linear equations, etc. 

Roots of equations

Numerical quadrature

Monte Carlo techniques

Differential equations—examples

Unit conversions

Line drawing by the midpoint algorithm (Win32Forth only) NEW

FORTRAN subroutine for LU factoring
FORTRAN subroutine for back-substitution
Assembly language subroutine for spherical Bessel functions
Various example sorting routines in BASIC--taken from MS QuickBasic® distribution
Quaternion package for F-PC (untested)
Examples of recursive algorithms, good and bad