Physics 632

A Summer Residency Course for Teachers of Physics


PHYS 632: Classical and Modern Physics II 
July 12 - August 6, 2004


Instructors: R.A. Lindgren, Instructor of Record and Lecturer
Office Hours: TBA
Phone: 434-982-2691
Textbook: Fundamentals of Physics (Extended 6th Edition) by Halliday, Resnick & Walker. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0-471-33236-4

PHYS 632 (4 credits) Classical and Modern Physics II. This calculus based course includes 2 hours of intensive physics lecture/ demonstrations/ discussion and 1 1/2 hours of problems each day for 4 weeks. Topics include Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics. Emphasis is on physics concepts geared toward middle school physical science and high school physics teachers. Problem sets continue through early Fall through distance-learning via the internet. The Final Exam is given in October via the internet (with a local proctor).

It is strongly recommended that students prepare for the course PRIOR to arrival by acquiring the textbook and pre-reading the chapters to be covered. This course is the most difficult topic in the 3-course series of Classical and Modern Physics. In order to be adequately prepared for the homework and the lecture sessions, a review of necessary math/calculus skills is necessary. Appendix E of the textbook (beginning on pg A-9) lists mathematical formulas, trig functions, vector products, derivatives and integrals. Please seek additional review material if these topics are not familiar.

 PHYS 632 Schedule for Lectures and Course Preparation

 PHYS 632 Lecture 1: Electric Charge

 PHYS 632 Lecture 2: Electric Field

 PHYS 632 Lecture 3: Gauss' Law

 PHYS 632 Lecture 4: Potential Energy

 PHYS 632 Lecture 5: Capacitance

 PHYS 632 Lecture 6: Current and Resistance

 PHYS 632 Lecture 7: Circuits

 PHYS 632 Lecture 8: Magnetic Fields

 PHYS 632 Lecture 9: Magnetic Fields Due to Currents

 PHYS 632 Lecture 10: Induction

 PHYS 632 Lecture 11: Magnetism of Matter: Maxwell's Equations

 PHYS 632 Lecture 12: Alternating Current

 PHYS 632 Lecture 13: Electromagnetic Waves

 PHYS 632 Lecture 14: Images

 PHYS 632 Lecture 15: Interference

 PHYS 632 Lecture 16: Diffraction

 Practice Vector Problems

 Practice Differentiation Problems

 Practice Integration Problems

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Revised August 6, 2004.