Physics Education at the
University of Virginia


Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities
We have various distance learning courses throughout the year that can be taken from your home. We also have at least two programs during the summer for middle school and high school teachers. All courses are useful for certification/licensure, recertification or can lead to a masters degree.
Physics 620
Various physical science topics offered as 1 hour credit courses. Covers K-8 Virginia SOLs. Offered at UVa regional centers throughout Virginia or upon request in local schools.

Other Resources and Opportunities

8th Grade Physical Science SOL Activities
Up to 100 hands-on activities have been developed for all of Virginia's 8th grade physical science SOLs. Take a look at what is available for your classroom.
Physics Day Show
A fun-filled evening for the family with lots of demonstrations. Normally held in April in the physics building.