Part 2 Data Table

Grams of solute Observations (conductivity) Concentration (g/mL)

Part 3 Data Table

Initial water level __________________mL = _______________grams

Final water level __________________mL = _______________grams

Detectable change ________________mL = _______________grams

  1. What is the pattern in the circuit in which the charges flowed?

  2. If any breaks occur in the wiring, which type of circuit would be represented?

  3. If all the connections are complete, which type of circuit would be represented?

  4. In the pure water, what was the level of conductivity? (light on or light off)

  5. As the solute was added, what is changed to help charges "travel" in the liquid?

  6. What was the concentration for which the light turned on?

  7. Is the solution changing its state to gas or is it being broken down into component gases?

  8. Compare different solute concentrations for conductivity.