Cloud Model of the Atom II - Data Sheet


1. Which atom did you model? Write its name and symbol in the space below.



2. How many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in your model?

Number of Protons: _____________________

Number of Neutrons: _____________________

Number of Electrons: _____________________


3. What object(s) represent the protons, neutrons, and electrons in your model?

Protons: _______________________

Neutrons: _______________________

Electrons: ______________________


4. Which part of your model has the greatest mass? ____________________________

(This part of the model with the greatest mass represents the nucleus of the atom. In a real atom, it is the heaviest part and has the greatest density too.)


5. Where are the electrons in your model? __________________________________

(In a real atom, the electrons are arranged at different levels from the nucleus, but are far from the nucleus. Most of an atom is empty space! In the model, the "empty space" is not really empty but occupied by air.)