The Energy Content of Fuels Data Sheet

 Data Sheet

Trial # 1
Trial # 2
1. Fuel Used    
2. Initial Mass of Fuel (g)    
3. Final Mass of Fuel (g)    
4. Dm (line 3 - line 2)    
5. Mass of Empty Can (g)    
6. Mass of Can + Water (g)    
7. Mass of Water (6-5) (g)    
8. Initial Water Temp (C)    
9. Final Water Temp (C)    
10. DT (line 9 - line 8) (C)    

Data Processing

Calculate the heat gained by the water. Qwater = DTwater * mwater * c where specific heat capacity of water is c = 4.18 J/gC.

We now have the amount of heat energy that each fuel gave to the water. We want to know how much heat the fuel produces for each gram burned, so divide the heat increase of the water by the change in mass of the fuel during burning.


1. Which fuel has the greatest energy content?




2. What other factors must we consider when choosing to use a particular fuel source?