Levers - Data Sheet

Spring Scale Force Alone (N)

Position of Effort (mass)

Effort Reading (N)

Total Effort (Reading + Spring Scale Force) (N)

2.5 cm



5 cm



10 cm



15 cm



20 cm



25 cm




1. Plot your results on graph paper. Label the x-axis for distance from the fulcrum by units of centimeters. Label the y-axis as total effort in newtons. (Your graph should resemble the example below) Connect the data points to make a curve. Use this plot to answer the following questions.


2. How much force would be required to lift the load (at 10 cm) if the effort were 13 cm from the fulcrum?



3. If 7.5 N of force were required to lift the load, how far from the fulcrum was the effort?



4. If the load were placed 20 cm from the fulcrum instead of 10 cm, how would your data change? Would your curve look any different? Explain.



5. Give three examples of levers that you could find in your home or school. Identify the effort, load and fulcrum.