Metric Measurement - Data Sheet

Part 1













Part 2

  1. The diagram below represents a portion of the centimeter ruler between 16 and 17 centimeters. Fill in the answers for (A) and (B) to make sure that you know how to use a ruler.

    A. ____________ cm ___________ mm

    B. ____________ cm ___________ mm

  2. Measure and record the following data:

    Objects Measured

    Cenimters (cm)

    Millimeters (mm)




    Book Width



    Book Length



    Book Height



    Shoe Length



    Index Finger Width at Knuckle



  3. Find the area of the rectangle. First measure the length and width, then multiply the length and width together (A = L x W).


    Length ______cm     Width ______cm     Area ______cm2

    Length ______mm     Width ______mm     Area ______mm2

  4. How do you convert a measurement from centimeters to millimeters?


  5. How do you convert a measurement from millimeters to centimeters?


Part 3


Smile Length (cm)