Newton's 3rd Law - Data Sheet


Distance by bullet (m)

Distance by cannon (m)

Trial I (empty bullet)



Trial II (canister + water)



Trial III (canister + weight)




1. Explain what caused the balloon to move across the room in Part I in terms of Newton's 3rd Law. Identify the force pair in this situation.



2. What caused the "bullet" canister to move in Part II? Identify the force pair.



3. Explain the difference in the distance traveled by the "bullet" in each of the three trials. Compare this with the distance traveled by the "cannon."



4. Cannons that fire bullets are always very massive in comparison with the bullet. Explain why this is necessary.



5. Identify the action-reaction pairs in the following situations:

a. A man steps from his boat to the dock.
b. A textbook rests on a school desk.
c. A tennis racket contacts a tennis ball.