Data Sheet

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# of blades 3 4 5
Trial 1 time(s)      
Trial 2 time(s)      
Trial 3 time(s)      

Total time

Avg. time      
Distance (cm)      
Speed (cm/s)      

Blade material_____________________

Height of drop (cm)_____________________


Average time = total time/ 3

Speed = distance/time

Acceleration = (final velocity - original velocity)/time

Speed is how fast something is going.

Velocity is how fast something is moving in a given direction.



  1. Did all of your helicopters reach the floor at the same time?

  2. Which helicopter reached the ground first? Why?

  3. Which helicopters had the lowest velocity? Why?

  4. Did the number of blades affect the velocity/speed and acceleration of your helicopters? If so, how?

  5. How could you have made your helicopter better/slower?