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Ice Cream Lab




  1. Find a partner to work with.
  2. Place a dishtowel over your work area. Keep your ice cream on the towel.
  3. In the 0.95L zipper bag, pour 240mL, 45mL of sugar, and 2.5mL vanilla or chocolate flavoring. CAREFULLY seal the bag and shake up the mixture thoroughly.
  4. Put your small zipper bag inside of the 3.8L zipper bag.
  5. In the 3.8L bag add enough ice to cover the 0.95L bag and add 80mL of ice cream salt. Take the temperature of the ice. ________C
  7. Put your gloves on and get ready to make a phase change!
  8. Take turns flipping the bag. Hold the bag by its corners. Keep the bag flipping over and over. Remember to keep the bag over the towel at all times. It should take 10 to 15 minutes to freeze. Take the temperature of the ice again. ______C
  9. When you have ice cream, take the smaller bag out and rinse it off with cold water. One partner needs to take the larger bag and it's contents to the trash bag. DO NOT DUMP IT DOWN THE SINK!!!
  10. Dish out the ice cream equally into the cups, and ENJOY! (You may rinse the cup out and use it for water if you are thirsty.)
  11. Please clean up your area. (Leave it neater than you found it.)


Answer the following on your own paper:

  1. What state of matter was the milk when you began?
  2. What state of matter was the milk when you were done?
  3. In order to change the phase of the milk, what had to be removed?
  4. What happened to the heat energy that left the milk?
  5. Why was the salt added to the ice?
  6. If you did not add sugar would the ice cream have frozen faster? Why?
  7. Why did the outside of the bag get wet? (Assume that your bag did not spring a leak.)


Why is salt spread on the roads before a winter storm?