MAPE Application

Department of Physics
Jesse W. Beams Laboratory of Physics
University of Virginia
382 McCormick Road
Charlottesville, VA

Telephone: 434-924-3781
Facsimile: 434-924-4576

We are pleased that you are interested in our Master of Arts in Physics Education graduate program.

Our department provides an amiable and stimulating environment for education and a wide variety of physics-education opportunities. Our students receive extensive personal attention and benefit from contact with distinguished faculty.

Our Graduate Brochure describes our faculty and their research efforts. An application package for graduate school including the MAPE program can be downloaded from the Graduate Admissions Office web site.

Some clarification of the application instructions are listed below.

  • Applications are considered as soon as completed. There is no deadline.
  • For the MAPE degreee application GRE test scores are encouraged but not required.
  • Letters of recommendation may include supervisors, principals, or superintendents as well as former professors.
  • Veterans can now be charged in-state fees as soon as they move to Virginia. This means that the one year residency requirement is waived for veterans. For more information, click here.