Please note that the MAPE program was discontinued in 2017.

These pages are being left up for archival purposes.

The University of Virginia Department of Physics and School of Continuing and Professional Studies are pleased to offer the Master of Arts in Physics Education program (MAPE). The MAPE program is designed for licensed teachers who already teach science or physics in grades 6-12, but do not have an undergraduate degree in physics. We will also consider applicants who are unlicensed teachers and applicants who have had an engineering, science, or military career who have retired early and desire to teach physics as a second career. The program focuses on physics content and physics pedagogy. Entrance into the program is considered after you submit an application to the Graduate School of Arts and Science which is reviewed by the graduate committee on Physics Education in the Physics Department.

The MAPE program consists of special 6000-level courses for K-12 teachers designed to serve the professional development needs of high school physics and middle school science teachers. Through distance learning and summer study at UVa, these courses provide middle school physical science and high school physics teachers with a stronger background in physics. In the MAPE program, each year students take two 6000-level core physics courses in the summer in residence at UVa and usually two distance-learning 6000-level courses during the academic year. Students can complete their requirements of 30 hours for the MAPE degree in two and a half years. Advising is available through the Department of Physics. Teachers can start at any time during the sequence of courses.

Licensed teachers who take our additional physics courses (18 cr-hr in Virginia) can qualify for certification or endorsement as a high school physics teacher. However, these courses (including the MAPE degree) do not qualify to certify you as a licensed teacher. Such certification is determined by degree programs approved by the Board of Education on a state by state basis. Also these courses (including the MAPE degree) do not qualify as graduate-level courses to prepare you to teach at the college level including teaching dual enrollment courses and community college physics courses.