Pretty Pictures of Physics 068: Main Lab

circa 2001




Spin Exchange Optical Pumping

Helium-3 NMR Electronics Rack

Initial Single FAP SEOP Setup

Fuzzy View of Quarter Waveplate & FAP

View of Original Coils with 25cm Sally Target Cell in Oven

Closeup of Small Black Plastic Oven with Sally

Jaideep Observes Lasers incident on Xenon Sphere in Oven

Another View of Xenon Sphere in Oven


Gas System & Cell Filling

Main Gas System Valves

Willy Attaching Retort to String

Target Cell on String

Target Cell in LHe Clamshell

Four Pyrex Spheres on a String

LN2 Cooled Pyrex Sphere

After One of the Pyrex Spheres is Pulled Off

LHe Cooled Clamshell

Jagr & Lemieux Target Cells on String

Pyrex Sphere just after Rubidium Chase

Pyrex Sphere just after Xenon Fill


Pressure Broadening Setup

Coherent Ti-Sapphire 899-29 with Verdi V5 Pump Laser

Single FAP with Two Beamlines after Cube

Wide View of Lab (SEOP, PB, GAS)