Here is a plan for Photon Calorimeter test run, please put iy on www page as preliminary one:

Collaboration: JLab,Urbana,ODU,Yerevan,Georgia

Energy 4 GeV or largest available ( > 2.4 GeV )

Beam intensity: 5-50 mkA

Targets: LH and Cu(Al)

DQA - modified addresses of "standard" Hall A DAQ

Reaction H(e,e'p) as well as H(e,gp) and single e/p.


Calorimeter at 10,20,30,40,50,60 degrees.

HA(EA) at angle and momentum for elastic g,g (E_g ~ 0.8 E_beam)


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11/14/97 / Photon Calorimeter Test Plan - Bogdan/ Last Updated 2/26/99