I have been thinking a bit about a possible setup for our test. As a result I made the following list of components we need to be able to do the tuning and measurements with electronics in the control room.

Proposed electronics:

- We will need analog splitters: active (LC428) or passive ??

NIM electronics:

- Individually adjustable thresholds: LC4608 or LC821 or CFD's, like Ortec934

- logic fans like LC429

- coincidence units like LC622, LC365AL, LC465

- pulser for testing like LC222

CAMAC electronics:

- TDCs, like LC2228A

- ADCs, like LC2249A

- scalers, like LC2551

- gate and delay generator, like LC2323A for inhibiting

Above I just listed types of modules I am familiar with. Perhaps there are other types which are better or easier available. It is just meant to stimulate the process of thinking about it and getting things collected. If it is decided with which setup we will start, the number of measuring channels is determined also. Then we know the number of signal cables and modules we need. Making in the meantime a global inventory of what is available at the various labs wouldn't be a bad idea I think. So please look around for useful stuff (and reserve/put aside) at TJNAF, UvA, MIT/Bates, UNH and NIKHEF. That's all for the moment.


eddy jans

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