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Links to courses and current work

JILL lectures, Fall 2005, Why do scientists believe that? (MS PowerPoint)
If you need a PowerPoint viewer, you can download it from
MS Download Site

General Relativity

Computational Methods in the Physical Sciences

Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences

Physics of the Human Body

Classical Mechanics

Lecture on fear of power lines and other things electromagnetic

Why Elephants Can't Gallop (Colloquium of March 8, 2002)

APS Talk on Deep Inelastic Scattering (November 4, 2001)

Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg algorithm for ODE's
Version using FORmula TRANslator
Vectoring package
FORmula TRANslator v. 2.02
Floating point locals package a la Wil Baden

Look for any other packages you need under Forth system and example programs

Double-double (2×64 bit) arithmetic
I/O words for 2×64-bit floating point arithmetic