Modern Statistical Mechanics (book in progess)

Paul Fendley

Rough Outline

Book Chapters

  • Chapter 1 : Classical spin systems, order and disorder, introducing the Ising model and solving the 1d case, the transfer matrix, the Peierls argument
  • Chapter 2 (in progress): The quantum/classical correspondence, the Ising Hamiltonian
  • Chapter 3: Quantum spin systems, su(2) symmetry
  • Chapter 4 (in progress): The 1+1 dimensional Ising model: the low- and high-temperature expansions, duality, solving it using free fermions
  • Chapter 5 (in progress): The XXZ chain and the six-vertex model
  • Chapter 7 (in progress): Landau theory and the mean-field approximation
  • A later chapter:: A Conformal Field Theory Primer (my Princeton summer school lecture notes)