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Obama's Law Review Paper

103 Harv.L.Rev.1 (1989) "The Curvature of Constitutional Space: What Lawyers Can Learn From Modern Physics."

Particle Physics on Television

PBS's Website on Atom Smashers, the story about physicists doing cool research at Fermilab, CERN and other places like UC Davis. Pop Matters has a view as well.

Physics at Virginia

My name is Al Tobias and I am currently working in the UVa Physics Lecture Demonstrations Laboratory. We provide physics demos and assist instructors and faculty with classroom support. The demos can be very fun and entertaining, making use of such tools as balloons, glass, liquid nitrogen, gases, sparks, fires, explosions, etc.

My previous positions included working as a post-doc and research scientist in experimental nuclear physics and its application to medical imaging in the Spin Physics Group headed by Gordon Cates. This research involves learning the art of measurement to test models of atomic and nuclear processes and structure. The group also applies what is learned to enhance diagnostic methods such as medical resonance imaging (MRI).


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