With Aunt Pam and Uncle Pete, in Oxford, July 23rd 2006:

With Uncle Mike in his restaurant, OKC, August 8th, 2006:

With Aunt Terry, Alex and Uncle Mike, August 5th:


on April 16, 2006:

With his mum that day:

With his dad (in March, taken by Dale):

Having fun:

In Oxford, the week after his first birthday, taken by uncle Pete:



And here are the earlier shots:

Here’s a picture of Nicholas Joseph Fowler, born 19 July, 2005, on July 20:

October 3rd:

October 12th:

With Uncle Joe, December 11:

New Year’s Day, 2006:

January 25, 2006:

January 28, 2006:

February 5, 2006:

Earlier pictures of Nicholas can be found here.