H. J. Weber (Theorist)


Faculty member of the UVa Physics Department since 1967 with a PhD from Frankfurt University in Theoretical Nuclear Physics (1965); Diploma in Math. (1961).

Research has been in relativistic few body nuclear and particle physics including electroweak form factors of the nucleon, transition form factors to nucleon resonances, deep inelastic structure functions of baryons from quark models and the spin of the proton. Current work is in Math since 2005 including classical polynomials, prime number theory. Recent samples are

"Proton Spin and Chiral Dynamics," Few-Body Systems 26 (1999) 135;

"Proton Spin in Chiral Quark Models," (with X. Song and M. Kirchbach), Mod. Phys. Lett. A12 (1997) 729;

"Violations of Lorentz Covariance in Light Front Quark Models," (with K. Bodoor, T. Frederico, M. Beyer) Mod. Phys. Lett. A15 (2000) 2191;

"Relativistic Quark Spin Coupling Effects in the Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors," (with W. Araujo, E. Suisso, T. Frederico, M. Beyer), Phys.Lett. B478 (2000) 86 and Nucl. Phys A694 (2001) 351;

"Correlations in hot and dense quark matter," (with S. Mattiello, M. Beyer, T. Frederico), Few-Body Systems 31 (2002) 159.

"Three quark clusters at finite temperatures and densities," (with M. Beyer, S. Mattiello, T. Frederico), Phys. Lett. B521 (2001) 33.

"Exceptional Prime Number Twins, Triples And Multiplets," Ind. J. Math. Educ. Pract. 1(1)(2013) 9pp.

"Twin Prime Sieve," Ind. J. Math. Res., 22 pp., and Erratum to appear.

"Twin Primes And The Zeros Of The Riemann Zeta Function," Ind. J. Math. Res. 1(1)(2013)163, 16 pp. Erratum to appear.

"Prime Triplet And Multiplet Sieves," Ind. J. Math. Res. (2014), 27 pp. and Erratum to appear.

"A Sieve For Cousin Primes," Int. J. Applied Math. and Mech., 21 pp. and Erratum to appear.

"Sieves For Twin Primes In Class I," Ind. J. Math. Res. (2015), 23 pp., to appear.

"Connections between real polynomial solutions of hypergeometric-type differential equations with Rodrigues formula," Central Eur. J. Math. 5(2) (2007)415-427.

"A Simple Approach To Jacobi Polynomials," Integral Transforms & Special Functions 18(2007)217-222.

"Connections between Romanovski and other polynomials," Central Eur. J. Math. 5(3)(2007)581-595; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanovski_polynomials

"Romanovski polynomials in selected physics problems," (with A. Raposi, D. Alvarez-Castillo, M. Kirchbach), Central Eur. J. Phys. 5(3)(2007)253-284. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanovski_polynomials

"Sonata For Trio: Associated Legendre Functions From Rodrigues' Formula For Legendre Polynomials," Int. J. Applied Math. and Mech. 1(2014)9-20.

"Extending sequences of prime values of polynomials," Int. J. Math. Ed. (2014), 12pp.

"Strings Of Prime Values By Polynomial Extensions Of Arithmetical Functions," submitted

My current record string of 760 distinct primes for integer n in [-380,379] of the extension polynomial of input polynomial E(n)=n^2+n-A for a 70 decimal digit number A given at the end of a paper by Hugh C. Williams et al., 528 distinct primes are generated by applying my extension method to the Euler-type polynomial n^2+n+A, A=1712329866165608771 for n in [-264,263]. Compare these to Euler's 40 primes for n^2+n+41 and the record in 2013 of 58 primes for a sextic. The 19 decimal digit A is from Chapt.4 of R.A. Mollin's "Quadratics," CRC Press (1996).

Since 1992 I have assumed responsibility for "Mathematical Methods For Physicists,"Acad.Press (1995),4/e,(with G.B. Arfken). The 5/e has come out in 2000, 6/e in 2005, 7/e with F. Harris in 2013. If you have comments, please send an e-mail to me to the address given below.




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