Michael Fowler

Beams Professor
Department of Physics
University of Virginia
, VA 22901

Phone: (804) 924-6579
Fax: (804) 924-4576

e-mail: mfowler at virginia.edu


Complete Sets of Lecture Notes on the Web:

Physics 109: Galileo and Einstein.  

Physics 152: Introductory Physics II for Physics Majors.

(I’ve added to these notes since teaching the course—they now contain too much material to cover in one semester, but have been found useful also in upper level courses.)

The course covered four areas of physics, plus some useful math: complex numbers, exponential integrals and the random walk.

Lectures on Gravity  

Lectures on Fluids    

Some Useful Math

Lectures on Oscillations and Waves  

Lectures on Heat and Thermodynamics 

Physics 252:  Modern Physics: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

Physics 751:  Graduate Quantum Mechanics.

Physics 1425: for Engineers  Powerpoint Slides.

Research Interests

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, especially low-dimensional systems. One-dimensional magnetic and superconducting systems. Exact mathematical techniques for solving these problems, such as the Bethe Ansatz.


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