Methods of Computational Physics

PHYS 551 - Fall 2001

Course description and syllabus

Instructor: J. V. Noble
Office hours:Tuesdays, 14:00-15:00, and Thursdays 14:00-16:00 in Room 312

Grader: Moi

  1. J.V. Noble, Lectures in Computational Physics (click here to download)
  2. J.V. Noble, Mathematical Review in *.ps format  in *.pdf format
  3. Abramowitz & Stegun, Handbook of Mathematical Functions (Dover)
  4. Hamming, Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers (Dover)
  5. Optional, but recommended: Press, et al., Numerical Recipes (in your favorite language) (Cambridge U. Press)
  6. Optional, but STRONGLY recommended: Acton, Numerical Methods that Usually Work (American Methematical Society).

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A Beginner's Guide to Forth (HTML)

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The ANS Forth Standard Document

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