Physics & Applications of Polarized Noble Gases

an informal workshop w/ bagels
May 19, 2009 ♦ Room 204, Jesse Beam Laboratory Physics Department ♦ University of Virginia 382 McCormick Road ♦ Charlottesville, Virginia

Committees "Organizing" : Tom Gentile, NIST Physics Laboratory "Advisory" : Thad Walker, University of Wisconsin "Local Organizing": Gordon Cates, Physics & Radiology Department, University of Virginia Jaideep Singh, Physics Department, University of Virginia Participant List

9:00 AM "Clinical Applications of Hyperpolarized Gas" (N/A) Tally Altes Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville 9:30 AM "Quantifiable aspects of lung structure using hyperpolarized-gas diffusion NMR" (N/A) Wilson Miller Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville 10:00 AM "Hyperpolarized 129Xe: Clinical Progress and New Ideas from Animal Imaging" (N/A) & "SEOP with Cs: Preliminary experience polarizing 129Xe" (N/A) Bas Driehuys Duke University 10:30 AM break 11:00 AM "Physics Challenges for Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping of 3He" (pdf, 19.5 MB) Thad Walker Univ. of Wisconsin 11:30 AM "Gas-phase relaxation of 129Xe" (pdf, 1.3 MB) Brian Saam Univ. of Utah 12:00 PM Lunch 2:00 PM "Recent Advances in Laser-Polarized 3He Targets for Electron Scattering at JLab" (pdf, 33.8 MB) Jaideep Singh Univ. of Virginia Charlottesville 2:30 PM "SEOP polarization of 3He and 129Xe at high volumetric rates" (pdf, 2.9 MB) Iulian C. Ruset et al, Univ. of New Hampshire and Xemed, Inc. 3:00 PM break 3:30 PM "Neutron spin filter development and application" (N/A) Wangchun Chen NIST and Indiana University 4:00 PM "R&D on SEOP systems for neutron scattering applications at ORNL" (N/A) Hal Lee Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Spallation Neutron Source 4:30 PM "Compact SEOP Filling Station for HYSPEC spectrometer" (ppt, 2.1 MB) Tony Tong Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Spallation Neutron Source

40th Annual Meeting of the APS DAMOP

Session B4: Polarized Atoms
May 20, 2009 ♦ Room 108, Clark Hall Department of Environmental Sciences ♦ University of Virginia 291 McCormick Road ♦ Charlottesville, Virginia

Chair: Tom Gentile, National Institute of Standards and Technology

10:30 AM Preparation of Laser-Polarized Xenon at High Xe Densities and High Resonant Laser Powers Provided by Volume Holographic Grating-Narrowed LDAs (ppt, 3.8 MB) B4.00001 Abstract Boyd Goodson , Nicholas Whiting , Panayiotis Nikolaou , Neil Eschmann , Michael Barlow Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 10:42 AM Characterization of a Low Pressure, High Capacity $^{129}$Xe Flow-Through Polarizer (pdf, 1.3 MB) B4.00002 Abstract Brian Saam , Geoffry Schrank , Zayd Ma , Allison Schoeck University of Utah 10:54 AM Polarized $^{3}$He Gas for Neutron Scattering (N/A) B4.00003 Abstract Wangchun Chen , Ross Erwin , Shannon Watson , Thomas Gentile , Changbo Fu NIST and Indiana University 11:06 AM Application of Polarized 3He Cells in Neutron Interferometry (N/A) B4.00004 Abstract Michael Huber , Fred Wietfeldt , Muhammad Arif , Thomas Gentile , WangChun Chen , Dmitry Pushin , Liang Yang , Daniel Hussey , Timothy Black Tulane University & National Institute of Standards and Technology 11:18 AM Using MR imaging methods for measurement of 3-He cells during pumping (ppt, 8.3 MB) B4.00005 Abstract Steven Parnell , Martin Deppe , Stephen Boag , Mark Boyce , Selma Ajraoui , Juan Parra-Robles , Jim Wild University of Sheffield 11:30 AM Online SEOP Polarized 3He for Neutron Applications (N/A) B4.00006 Abstract Earl Babcock , S. Boag , T.E. Chupp , T.R. Gentile , A. Petoukhov , T.G. Walker JCNS, Munich Germany 11:42 AM $^3$He Relaxation Time Measurements at $\sim$400mK for the neutron electric dipole moment (nEDM) experiment (pdf, 3.0 MB) B4.00007 Abstract Qiang Ye Duke University 11:54 AM Spatial Polarization Profile in an Optically Pumped Alkali Vapor (pdf 2.6 MB) B4.00008 Abstract Ben Olsen , Brian Patton , Yuan-Yu Jau , Will Happer Princeton University 12:06 PM Photon Budget in Spin Exchange Optical Pumping (N/A) B4.00009 Abstract Brian Lancor , Robert Wyllie , Thad Walker University of Wisconsin-Madison 12:18 PM Direct measurement of the dwell time of spin polarized Rb atoms on coated Pyrex glass surfaces using light shift (N/A) B4.00010 Abstract K.F. Zhao , M. Schaden , Z. Wu Department of Physics, Rutgers University 12:30 PM Universal Long-Time Behavior of Nuclear Spin Decays in Solid Hyperpolarized Xenon (pdf, 2.1 MB) B4.00011 Abstract Brian Saam , Steven W. Morgan , Boris V. Fine University of Utah last updated on June 7, 2009 by Jaideep Singh (js7uq AT virginia DOT edu) back to UVa Spin Physics (Cates) Group Page back to UVa Physics back to UVa back to DAMOP 2009 (local site) back to DAMOP 2009 (APS site)